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“Life Is A Race If You Don’t Run Fast, You’ll Be Like A Broken Andaa!!!”

In our case, we were the Broken Andaa. Jumped into the race of science stream but soon realized that the race was not meant for us. Life is not a Race! A journey from Science to Law, Management and Interior Design we found our interests. It’s now after 7 years of being together, we have learned our biggest lesson that even broken Andaa could be of use if you know how to make an omelette out of it!!!

Recognizing the shortcomings of the society and the possible way outs for a better tomorrow. We will be talking on issues that affect the youth and society, how young people could turn out to be the catalysts towards the solution.

Here, we are starting up with Talking Trio!!

Meet The Trio


Hi! My name is Neha Thakur. I am the kind of person who’s always up for travelling and exploring different cultures and lifestyles. For me, there are two most important things that I have learnt so far from my past experiences that have shaped the way I am today. 

First self-motivation that I have learned through the circumstances which came in my way, because of which I am a positive person today no matter what happens ahead now, I am mentally ready to handle it. Second, understanding  the value of one’s presence, be it a human or not, boosts up my courage. Being an optimist, I believe one should always create a positive atmosphere and should be enthusiastic towards their work no matter how small or big the job is. By profession, I am an Interior Designer. I am passionate about writing because in my opinion if my words could be of any help to my readers then why I should stop?


“It’s easy to tell what you are! But takes a lot of effort to tell why you are what you are.” 

Hey! I am G. Shruti a management professional, environment enthusiast and a person who is on a journey of discovering her purpose of life. I hold a personality with a mixture of elements, an introvert at times yet could be extremely extrovert depending on the situation. 

Being 22, I am at a stage of my life where I am troubled by things taking place around me, sometimes I am frustrated, sometimes I feel helpless, times when I don’t want to sit and watch, other times I want to take action to make things right. Well, I believe this is the case with every youngster out there, and this brings the reason for me to be here.To me, Talking Trio is a space to put my perspectives over issues troubling you and me, a platform to tell others how I see what I see and is it the same way you see it too?


Hi! My name is Jaya Choudhary, a girl full of silly decisions. I’m moody, socially awkward, messed up, zoned out, Indecisive, comfortable with silence and nervously confident. But in my heart, I’m a wanderlust who is passionate about exploring off-beat places. 

After getting supplementary in 12th standard, I ditched science stream happily and opted for law, a very wise decision indeed for me. As “there is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences.”

In a world full of rat race, I believe in following one’s instinct and to do the thing you love the most. Talking Trio acts as a floor for me to put forth my view, my outlook towards problems and how we as individuals can take responsibility to be a change, rather than just feeling anxious, restlessness and uneasy. Here I am gonna talk nothing you don’t already know. But to set a reminder!


Talking trio

Connecting with the Ideas of Youth

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