Human Insecurities: Coming out of our comfort zone!

Human Insecurities: Coming out of our comfort zone!

We all are humans! We all have insecurities that we carry as a burden in our heads. After hearing the word insecurity, the first thing that comes to our mind is often a sort of negative emotion. Are you aware that human insecurities are as normal as happiness or sadness, whether you know it or not we all have it? However, if you still think that you are have never been or have no insecurities in your life, then let me help you understand this term.

We all feel anger, frustration,  jealousy, possessiveness, fear, self-doubt, irritation with the way someone acts, nervousness, etc. It’s all just a feeling that comes with uncertainty in life, further bringing insecurity. The feeling of being insecure may seem familiar to us in our daily lives, but it can severely affect our mental health. Due to the high exposure we get through social media and its influence on us, we tend to get more insecure.

Human Insecurities not only has mentally affects but also affects ones behavior towards others. Insecurity and anxiety can put a pause on all our dreams by holding us back and taking away new opportunities from us. Remember, our mind has the power to control everything that we want. But on the other hand, it can also sabotage a shining future if we don’t start realizing the effects of insecurity on our mind in our day to day lives.

Where does Human Insecurities come from?

If we think about it deeply, we will find it mostly comes from our childhood experiences. We grow up hearing that we are good at this and not good at others compared to other children. At a tender age, when we learn everything in the guidance of our parents, relatives, family, teachers, and guardians, unfortunately, these comparisons that are drawn leaves a mark on us. Teased for being too skinny or too healthy in school made us insecure about our bodies at an early age—all those bullying resulting in low self-esteem. As kids, many of us were used to being scared, hated to talk to others, many perceived that everyone they meet would make fun of them, and repel them. 

Growing up in adulthood, especially in this social media generation where the internet is an essential part of our lives where people try to create a different picture of themselves for being liked by others (also read- Rat Race- The Silent Killer of Dreams!) , has affected us all. People worry about their image that they make. What if we are not looking good, what if we don’t get likes, what if we’re too fat, what if other people know about our real-life that is different from social media life. Everything counts because we decide how good we are by the appreciation and comments of others. Deep down, we think we don’t need others’ approval, yet we end up expecting the same. 

How does this insecurity affect us all?

Insecurity brings various mental disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder. These are related to our childhood memories in easy language, criticizing oneself, obsession with self-image, lack of confidence, trust issues, fear of being alone, fear of failure in relationship, comparison with others, and many more. It comes with unpredictable changes in our mood and affects our daily routine. As it grows with time because not many know, it can turn into a disorder and affect our mental health. 

When you see a child playing in the park alone, and you try talking to him/her and if he/she behaves arrogantly or gets irritated, do we ever give a thought why they acted this way? The answer is never. What we do is pass a judgment “arrogant kid,” except that kid no one knows what is wrong with him or her. It could be because that kid might be feeling alone or left out in their home, and these kinds of feelings grow into adulthood and make that kid more introverted towards emotions. Human Insecurities brings fear of being judged, but we are afraid of how we portray ourselves in reality.    

How to let go of our insecurity?

Forgiving past: It’s not easy to accept one’s past and start moving forward. It will not happen immediately, but time will heal the wound that’s hurting us. We just need some self-love, self-care, and time. Remember, “we don’t have to live like this.” Make yourself the priority and look for new opportunities. Our past is not our present, but if we want to be a prisoner of our past, it will affect our future for sure because what we have is the power only to change our present and future, not the past.

Self Acceptance: Hold on everything around you, and notice everything about yourself. Yes, we are all imperfect in different ways, but those imperfections also need love “our imperfection makes us unique from others.” When we accept ourselves, we don’t require other approval as we start doing things that make us happy. 

Building our relationship strong with our people: Having a trust issue or lack of conversation in a relationship can make our relationship toxic. To overcome this, we need to improve communication with people around us and discuss our inner feelings. 

Insecurity is not a permanent issue or not something we can’t solve. Discuss your problems with friends, try to confess your emotion and feelings with people you cherish. Remember, every emotion is temporary so express them without fears, as time flies and you may lose the opportunity. I am sure you don’t want to regret the same. And if doing so turns out to be a mistake, take a lesson but make sure not to turn it into a regression.

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